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First BMW
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First Service

Car went in for first service today. I decided to wait for it rather than get a loaner. After about 3 hrs of waiting the service writer came out to tell me that the car is going to spend the night at the dealer (hooked up to what looks like life support lines).

I was told the car would get an entire reprogramming (ECU? other modules?), with real-time connection to BMW engineers for a previously not seen error code (presence of warning lights for air bag, abs, seat belt, parking lamp, tpms concomitantly). Not heard of this before. I will get the code descriptions when I pick the car up and will post here for others to know of.

I went to retrieve some items from the car and they wouldn't let me open the doors because it would mess up the programming. I explained I had to get items from the car if it was going to stay overnight and they service guy had to crawl in through the open driver window and grab things from back seat, glove box, center console, etc. Trunk was off limits.

They said it will go through some linked testing tomorrow morning before they release it back to me. Car seemed to be working just fine though.

Multiple 'campaigns' (TSB?) to be performed as well. Request for auto start stop to be disabled too (which they said they will do once free of charge).

Wont cost me a thing, but what a pain in the ass and a slight to BMW brand image for a first time owner with just 10800 miles on the car.