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Originally Posted by PK2348 View Post
i expect a BMW, even base, it;s still has a 40k+ sticker price. This is not a 20k Honda Accord.
What did you have prior to your F30? How does it compare?
Believe it or not I had an E90 M3 6MT. Yes, I went the complete wrong way by getting a lightly optioned F30 328i, but it's an amazing everyday car. I'm averaging 26.5mpg instead of 17.1 (and that's driving the M3 like a saint) and the car has a much more relaxed demeanor. Of course, this car's sound and speed is not even in the same league, but it makes me a more relaxed driver. With the M3, little things always upset me, but in this car I tend to not care at all.

Originally, I sold the M3 so I could buy two cars. My plan was lease an F30 and buy a used 997.1 Carrera S or 987.1 Cayman S, but after 6 months with the F30, it's still my only car. I will no doubt return to something sporty soon, but I am very impressed with this car.

...Now only if the brake pedal wasn't so mushy!

Originally Posted by RPM90 View Post
Unfortunately, the 335i also suffers from lackluster brake feel.
Braking power is great, but feel and feedback are lacking.
And then there's the loud 'thunk' when you release the brake pedal too quickly and it slaps back against it's stop.
That's not really what I want to hear. It's odd because I've driven all three tiers of E90s (328i base, 335i ZSP, M3) and found all of them to have better brake feel and feedback.
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