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Originally Posted by AZBMR View Post
Anyone on the Felicity Ace notice the shipping schedule changed. The boat shows it will be in Bremerhaven on Jan 2nd and then on Jan 14th pushing west coast delivery into Feb. Why would it be there twice. Would this be a mistake? Emailed shipping company and no response.
I noticed that as well, and the change of voyage number. My guess is that the ship will dock at Bremerhaven on the 2nd (end of voyage 0062A). Between January 2 and 14, my guess is it could be near Bremerhaven either docked or anchored offshore for whatever reason (maintenance, crew rest, waiting for cargo), then new voyage 0064A starts on January 14. Doesn't look like any other west-coast bound ship leaves Bremerhaven between Jan. 2-14 so we just wait. Oh well.....first few weeks were bad, but at this point 14 weeks vs. 16 weeks total time doesn't seem to make much difference.