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Drives: 2012 BMW 335i Sedan
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well I'm at 17800 miles and wanted to give an update. I will start with my absolute favorite thing about my sportline 335i.

Sport Mode with Sport auto transmission.

I truly believe that if there were no sport mode, I would find a much less expensive automobile. Comfort mode is adequate in the 335i, but far inferior to sport mode with sport auto transmission. I cannot express the smoothness and control from using my cars shift paddles in sport manual mode. It is something that keeps me in my BMW. I highly, highly recommend the sport auto transmission and shift paddles. I've driven many other cars with shift paddles and they just cannot compare. They truly belong in a BMW.

I so enjoy having the other driving modes. When I am in the city I drive in Eco pro, but switch back and forth from comfort mode when I need to be a bit more aggressive. I have noticed substantially better overall gas mileage when I use Eco pro for those very short local trips. I then use comfort/sport 50/50 in all of my highway traveling. I feel that it's safe to say I get the most out of my car's driving modes as I usually have my hand on the toggle switch and vary my driving style in accordance with the traffic or road conditions. Previously, I complained about the lack of powering comparison to the N54 but I must say that if you drive the car in the proper rev ranges and gears, you can easily command your car to do exactly what you want.

My next favorite part are the sport seats. My leatherette sport seats are close in comparison to my former E60. Next is the aesthetics and aggressive look of the vehicle.

Idrive is my next favorite. There have been many complaints of the navigation system, etc. I However love it. I have finally mastered sending locations from my BMW remote and adding locations to my address book and deleting them as needed from my last destinations or address book. At first I thought that I could order my next car without, but now I am not so sure. At the very least, I like the Nav "onboard info" to calculate my time and see my distance traveled and distance remaining. I also love the fact that when sending addresses from BMW remote the phone numbers are included as well. So even if I merely need a phone number of a business to call on the road I send the address to the Nav and Voila!!...The number is sent also and I can dial it up from Idrive. The only think I like about BMW apps is MOG radio and Pandora. They make BMW Apps invaluable. I have also found that you can set the sound to higher quality with MOG and it sounds AMAZING. Pandora quality, not so much. I do have the HK which sounds outstanding with MOG radio. I would not upgrade to the HK system if I only listened to satellite radio.

I cannot for the life of me get office to work with my iPhone 5. I have done all of the thumb drive updates, set the alerts in the phone, re-paired the phone, etc. but I cannot get the texts and emails to show up.

Otherwise, there is nothing that I dislike about my car. Wait! I forgot the skinny steering wheel and the lousy sound quality of satellite radio.