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Obviously, they're reprogramming your ECU to 'detune' it, so you have to buy a PPK to get it back to 'stock' power levels!

But I digress, sorry to hear about all that nonsense. I have an early MY '12 build and wonder if I'll get the same treatment when I finally have to take mine in. What's interesting is that you said you got your service at 10k miles, I have 4,600 on mine and it says 13k till it needs to be serviced. At that rate, I'll have the car for 18 months and over 20k miles on the same oil. That's a bit concerning to me and makes me think I should change my own oil in a few thousand miles. As a side point, it took 3500 miles before it dropped from 14k-13k to next service and has stayed there since.

I'm anxious for the PPK to come out and am tempted to dyno my car before and after (hopefully someone will do the same).

Now I'm rambling and way off topic but what are you guys seeing in 0-60 times in your own car? Without truly trying hard to get a perfect launch (2nd try) I got mine down to 5.1 which isnt shabby considering I'm sure I could probably get it to 4.9 with a good launch.