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Originally Posted by EB_F30 View Post
Hmm, cool idea. How well does it stay? Any worries about the Velcro being taped to the bumper as in damaging the paint? I'm just looking for good simple ways to get a plate on the car with drilling holes as I'll have to change it once I get back stateside, I like the Velcro idea if its stays nice and tight.
It was available from the maker of the plates and is made by 3M and will not damage the paint and can be easily removed like double sided tape. It is also not cloth based but plastic and is almost a puzzle instead of typical velcro. Both sides look the same and it kind of snaps together. It works great so far and means I didnt have to drill holes into the bumper so I like that

The comments from others on the whiskers:
It is actually more subtle in person but the front of the car needed something red and I hated the silver that was there. I debated black, but then the cool feature would disappear into the bumper completely. White could have been cool too, but as a designer I felt like the front needed to have some red to bookmark the car's front and back ends.

Finally got a little rubbing on big bumps on the freeway this weekend. Of course I had 5 people in the car. And now it rubs on the inside fender not on the edge anymore so I can live with that . I doubt there will be many trips with that many people.