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Originally Posted by mso4 View Post
I remember when the CTS-V beat the M5, but that M5 was dated. Never thought I see a brand new BMW being beat by a Cadillac on driving dynamics. Wait, actually the 535 M Sport got spank by the new Lexus GS 350 F Sport too! I had always love BMW for their sharp handling and road feel. I guess it's time for BMW take down the slogan the 'Ultimate Driving Machine'. Very sad in deed.
Everyone else is catching up or has caught up. This is actually quite good because the closer competition is, the better everyone will get. Good for all.

The other issue is BMW has tended to go just a little softer as of late and some others are going less soft to compete with BMW. Lexus, for example, are building their next gen IS350 after the E9X BMW because their engineers say BMW softened the current generation. Now, that is somewhat of a marketing scheme IMO and you can option the car with sportier suspensions, etc but it is an ongoing trend... along with smaller displacement engines, more luxury, etc. Not bad... just different. Personally, I like the direction BMW is going. Softer, more luxurious cars that can be optioned with sport suspensions, etc for those who desire that. Don't forget, a LARGE portion of the market want soft and quiet. Only a small, unrepresentative group of enthusiasts (like many here) and car magazine editors want performance cars to be more raw and visceral. BMW is simply building cars that the vast majority of its buyers want.
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