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Originally Posted by Cyberdemon View Post
Just to clarify here we might be talking about 2 things:

The M SPORT brakes meaning the standard calipers on an M-sport? Those will clear the regular calipers fine with the 18" Elbrus wheels.

If you're referirng to the M Performance brakes (the upgraded package) I couldn't give you a straight answer.

Does the M performance brake upgrade mandate the 19" wheel upgrade? I didn't think it did, which would lead me to believe you might be OK with the 18's but that's just a theory.
M performance brakes (the aftermarket addon not from factory) will fit with OEM 397s (which are 18 inch) -- which come on the Sport line car. The problem is that most aftermarket 18 inch wheels do not have enough hat clearance for the caliper. I had to return a wheel set due to front caliper rubbing from the M performance brakes. This is not a reference to M sport car.

Here is my car with OEM 397 18 inch wheels and the aftermarket BMW Performance Brake add on: