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Originally Posted by clarence View Post
His car, if I remember correctly, has adaptive drive & maybe IAS too.
From the same thread, he doesn't have IAS but has adaptive.

The quote (linked to the thread) seems to be a response to Sharbotcom who says he doesn't have DHP.

I was just checking f10 forums as highlandpete suggested and this was the first thing I found on the subject.

My only point was to point out that I can configure sport mode without DHP, unlike what some people presumed. I'm sure people with DHP have more adaptive settings, nonetheless, I do have options, and, for example, being able to set sport to chassis and not drivetrain is very convenient for people who want firmer steering without aggressive throttle response in every day driving conditions. It is a good option for people who are left lukewarm by comfort and eco. Not an issue for me with my customary bumper to bumper commute, but I think I remember RPM90 saying he liked a similar setting.