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Originally Posted by 1.fresh.f30.335 View Post
Do we have any sound clips or dyno numbers yet? I'm going to install it with a stock exhaust so I am interested to see what kind of noise difference I am looking at (hopefully a fair amount)

In General, when you install a DP with a stock system, you'll "hear" the turbo spool more, and it'll spool faster...rarely do you hear a noticeable increase in the sound...and if you do, it usually comes as a cabin drone, which isn't positive. Now, I'm making general statements, unsure WRT to this system...
I know what your saying, I've done a few set ups before and figured this car needs more turbo, more backfire but not too much more under driving, just a little deeper tone in my opinion. I think the dp would accomplish most of that, hopefully I don't get too much droning though, I haven't given that too much thought.

Can we get a sound clip? Also, the black heat coating... How well does it work and does it work to maintain stock heat levels or reduce heat levels when compared to stock? Or just reduce heat compared to non coated dp.
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