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Taking my 335 @ less than 900 miles

My car has a few annoying problems that need to be corrected.
  1. Noisy Chair - Drives me insane over bumps
  2. Noisy Breaks - Drives me insane whenever slowing down. Dealer on phone told me this is normal. I will not accept breaks that scream everytime I use my breaks
  3. Comfort Access doesn't work 50% of the time. Its mainly when I try and use it for the 1st time every day
  4. Cannot get Bluetooth Audio to work. I have an Iphone4. It worked during my testdrive. My phone is paired and it shows Bluetooth Audio is enabled but it doesn't show up under Media area on Idrive. I suspect I'm doing something wrong but I'll let the dealer school me...

I have a few other rattles but sadly I cant hear them over the noisy chair. Once that is fixed I'll start addressing those myself.