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Originally Posted by bnekic View Post
I have the BMS and am very happy with it. I installed it a week after I got my car, owners manual break-in is overrated just use the mototune break-in procedure for a strong long lasting motor!

Burger Tuning has been around for a while and has a lot of experience tuning BMW's. aFe on the other hand seems like they are new to BMW tuning.

Also with the BMS if they come out with updates you can update your unit via USB, aFe doesn't offer this.
Thanks for the feedback guys!

Yeah thats what I was thinking, I always thought aFe was mainly known for their filters, exhausts and intakes. I was suprised to hear about the scorcher. As for the break in I read about that, now that I think about it I guess your right, I haven't really been driving the car as slow as the owners manual suggests lol

Did you feel the difference immediately after installing it, or did it take the car some time to adjust completely to the new signals?