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Mobius, I'm in Montreal and I just read your post today. Thought I'd respond even if it's been a while.

I also received my F30 around the end of July.

For months I didn't see any F30's on the streets of Montreal except for maybe one or two. I still honestly see so few of them around these days. Even today (5 months later), it still feels nice to be driving a car that so few people are driving in the city.

One thing I can tell you is that I get TONS of "Wow!" looks at my 335i from other drivers and from people in general. The F30 is a definite head turner...I'm sure you can relate to this! Just a few weeks ago I was parking my car, and as I got out a random gentleman in the parking lot said "Très très belle" (for others reading, that's French for "Very, very beautiful."). I'm still getting lots of compliments on my F30...LOL

Speaking of beautiful, these days my main struggle is keeping the exterior of the car looking clean during the winter months. It currently needs a major wash. I also try as much as possible to avoid taking it out on especially bad winter days (for example, the crazy snow storm we had here yesterday).

I think we can still call ourselves a rare bunch of proud F30 owners in Montreal. Enjoy your ride!