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Originally Posted by tdizzle View Post
What I meant to say, was how are you trying to operate it? When you walk up to the car, do you grasp the door handled as if you're opening the door but hesitate for it to recognize you and unlock before you pulll? Or are you doing like I did at first and pressing the button on top of the handle that locks the car, hoping that it also unlocks?

For some silly reason when I first got the car I thought that you had to press the button to unlock it and lock it, when all I really had to do was touch the inside of the handle as if I was going to open the door.
Ive tried the following.
  1. Grasp handle and pull fast
  2. Grasp handle and pull slow
  3. Grasp handle and hesitate
  4. Touch the stripped pieces at top
  5. I've tried with and without gloves
  6. I've tried screaming at the car
  7. I've tried singing to my car....

I went to lunch today and when I left the office it worked. However, when I came out of the restaurant and tried it the same way as before it did not work. It shouldn't be this complicated.