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I love the red, the black may have worn better in the long run but on a lease I didn't care about this.

I did notice that the "drive for team USA" event cars that were going around this summer (and had people constantly getting in and out) one had Coral red seats and they were showing some premature wear. It was concerning, but wasn't terrible - especially considering how many people got in and out of those cars on a daily basis with the seat not adjusted correctly.

Keep the leather conditioned, avoid cheap or heavily dyed denim and anything with rivets and you should be good for a long time.

There's no perfect way to preserve any type of upholstery, especially if you plan on having the car for a very long time. Seats like the sport seats are especially prone to excess wear because it's natural for your body/butt to rub the bolsters of the seat as you get in and out. I had issues with the mesh fabric fraying on my Nissan, the leather bolster tearing on my Corvette, and the perforated leather tearing on my Acura. Stunk, but that's just the nature of friction and materials. I wouldn't bother sticking a towel down, that's like old Italian mothers covering the sofas with plastic.

Enjoy it, take good care of it and you'll be fine.
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