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Why is it sad? The Hyundai is officially rated @ 348hp, comes standard with Brembo's and 19" wheels with sticky summer rubber and it STILL managed to be a hair slower than a 335i sport with 18's and standard brakes.
The BMW in that video had the 19" wheel option on the sportline I believe which comes with sticky summer rubber I think.

My biggest disappointment is that the 335i has gained ZERO power (and in fact lost about 20hp up top) over 7 model years.

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It may be upsetting that somebody could probably burn you at a stop light with their Hyundai, but let's face it - they're sitting inside of a plastic solo cup with an engine. (I'm very pro Hyundai/Kia by the way, they've made massive leaps and bounds - I seriously considered a Gen Coupe before going to the 3)
Solo cup with an engine? You just said they had Brembos, and obviously you need a solid chassis to lap decent times; the car deserves more credit than that.

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I'm most surprised about the GT500/ZL1...would've expected the new GT to be faster. That also means that ZL1 is a heck of a bargain.
GT500 is a load faster in the straight line. The ZL1 has a superior suspension...same shocks as the ZR1.