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Originally Posted by also1412 View Post
Not sure if this is supposed to be an old post but in the gpsunderground forum there is a lot information regarding this update.

For the mostly concerned issue, the cost, apparently you can get a cheaper FSC code from a guy called ******* (email: *****************) and he could instantly generate a code for $60, which I think it is kinda acceptable.

For the files you can download them from various of places, thepiratebay seems to be a good place to start searching. I used a shortcut way where I downloaded from some cloud storage service sites using a 2 days premium account - costs 2.

After having the files on your hard drive, you could either burn them into 3 Double Layer DVDs or more preferably copy the files into a 16G usb drives. If you are a man of gadget you should have in possession of USB 3.0 flash drives which can save you a heck lot of time for the actual updating process.

Now here is the step where I got stuck. I tried both the DVD and the flash drive, but after I inserted the media, the CIC doesn't seem to recognise and doesn't seem to initialise the updating process. In a sunny day scenario and according to the guys who own some older models of the CIC cars, they said 30s after you inserted the 1st DVD or USB drive, it will automatically ask you to input the FSC on screen and it will just be a waiting game afterwards. However this has not happened on my F30.

I am posting this just to seek if there is anyone in this forum is interested in this or has done the similar process by any chance? Any suggestion is much appreciated.

I just got mine update to 2013 PREMIUM. Went smoothly. The problem was, if you want to do the faster way via USB drives, you need to plug them into the glovebox, not in the armrest.