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Originally Posted by Jamesons Viggen View Post
The V-6 Mustang can be and was likely optioned with all the tires/suspension hardware that the GT is. So if the GT puts up good grip and handling numbers, the V-6 can as well. The '11+ V-6 is nearly identical in straightline performance to the pre '11 4.6 GT.
Yep, the pre 5.0 GT's were a joke. I'm just stunned that the V6 is as good an all around performer than the 335, that one makes me sad. I've always thought of the pony cars as drag strip only cars. And if you got the V6, well then you just got a mustang in name only. I guess I never really looked at what the V6 could do because that one really surprised me all the way around. Amazing what you can get for your money when buying American muscle these days.

At first I didn't believe all the hype of the 5.0 when it came out being basically a M3 level performer at half the cost. If the interior/fit and finish would have been anywhere near what the F30/Audi's felt like I'd probably have picked one up myself instead of my car.