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Originally Posted by wayman519 View Post
hey thanks, those parts are a little steep from the website, but I am sure I can find it for a better price from a bmw warehouse website. My only real issue is coding(void warranty and don't really know how) or rewire( warranty intact) either way I need to fully assess a halogen setup from an xenon setup in terms of power delivery and voltage switching
I am still in the process of waiting for my cable to arrive from Poland, but have downloaded the e-sys and all the daten files, have been reading lots of docs and *almost* ready to start coding.

I may be talking nonsense now but as far as I understand, the term *coding* isn't really coding as an IT term it what it really is just changing some settings in the config files. I am doing this on my linux box almost hourly. so i think you could backup your config files before doing anything, if things go wrong you can always restore, couldn't you?

How would BMW workshop finds out you have been coding your car if all the settings stay the same? I doubted...

God i wish i could have some contacts from BMW technical dept who can give me some detailed docs.