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Thank you all for your compliments!

Originally Posted by soolman32 View Post
Great contrast between the wheels and the imperial blue. what are the gains with the TMC piggyback?
I've been using this TMC piggyback for about 6 months now and I've also been testing an AFE power scorcher module for the past week which my workshop kindly lent to me. Without reasonable doubt, I can safely conclude that the TMC piggyback gives me a better drive.

TMC claims +50hp and +100nm torque from their website

AFE claims +52hp and +80nm torque

From my butt-dyno observations, the AFE module gives a very creamy and smooth acceleration all the way from 1.5-6k+ rpm. However I don't get a torque boost kicking in at all. It feels so much like a stock car.

On the other hand, the TMC module really gives the 328i a serious torque boost right from 1.5k rpm. If you ask me, the 100nm torque increase does exist and feels really good.

On the down side, there seems to be some issue when accelerating between 3.2k-4k rpm where the car can (about 1% of the time) when you are stuck in a higher gear than optimal, jut forward and backward, like something is holding it back. Not sure if it's a mapping issue or the torque limiter (is there such a thing?) kicking in.

I'll be getting a dyno-test for both modules done end of this week and will get some reports to share with you guys.

On a separate note, my GTHAUS exhaust has been delayed for a month. Supposed to get it by this Christmas. Oh well