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Originally Posted by F30AM View Post
Some say we are making a big deal out of rusty seat bases. It is a big deal to have rust inside an expensive new car due to inadequate QC. It is so ridiculous that in this day and age a modern expensive car should have a rust issue. It is shameful and shocking that BMW have allowed such a situation to develop. It has now become a global issue and BMW should come clean and provide all affected owners with a seamless solution. In fact, they should instigate an official re-call.

Removing and re-installing seats especially with the replacement of seat bases, can lead to damage of other trim panels. The seats, particularly leather ones, are never the same afterwards. In fact, brand new complete seats should be provided for the affected cars. BMW needs to provide this goodwill gesture for all the incovenience and stress the situation is causing. At present, they have too much wriggle room by doing just the bare minimum by replacing or rust coating the rusty seat bases.

Lastly, I bet BMW knew there was a rust problem and they hoped against hope that no one would notice or take issue. Now how bad and callous is that?
Agree with what you say, Put it in your letter with the "Survey sheet", mines gone off to BMW I will give them a week or so and then send a copy to the DM BMW UK and see what comes of that.
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