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Originally Posted by Shuttlegoose View Post
Nobody else had this problem?
I had something similar happen yesterday. My car was sitting for two weeks while I was away on business. I warmed it up for about 15 mins, before attempting to back out of my driveway. The car popped itself back into "park", and displayed a drivetrain warning. I am on a hill, so was able to roll down in neutral. It finally went into gear after a few attempts, but then said power was reduced by X% and would not up shift. I pulled over after about 200 ft and shut the car down. After starting back up all was fine, and I continued on my way with all systems normal.

I chalked it up to any, or combination of letting it sit for so long, the cold weather and possibly the angle of my driveway (although I park at the top where it is nearly flat).

Intend to just wait and see if it occurs again before taking it in.
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