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Originally Posted by mesh77 View Post
People on the forums say that the features in a concept never fully make it into production, which I initially agreed with, but didn't most of the features in the M3 concept make it into production?
The M concepts generally come out after we've already seen the production version of the car on which they are based. The E92 M3 concept was shown after we had already seen the regular 3 series, so of course they wouldn't add any crazy styling elements that won't make it into production.

The 4 series concept, on the other hand, came out before any official images of the production 4 series, so it has crazy bumpers, mirrors, door handles and wheels. Remove those things, keep everything else the same, and you'll have your production 4 series. I would guess that these renders will prove to be extremely accurate and that, in another year or so, we'll see an M4 concept that will look almost exactly like its production counterpart.