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Originally Posted by shivaswrath View Post
I felt a difference when testing them back to back, unsure why, just my experience...

Front springs are for sure different due to engine weight, so that might've been it...might've also been that I tested a 328xi vs. the 335i I currently drive. Unsure, just what I felt.
An XI to non XI would skew results.

The 328's weight advantage would be erased, making it even slower than 335 and diluting the supposed handling advantage.

Drive Sport to Sport or M-Sport and both RWD configurations.

All the mags have commented on the RWD 328 having a slight handling edge.

I drove both RWD models with the same suspension, only difference was the tires. The 328 had a certain clarity to the controls and a bit of a more neutral-toss-able feel than the 335.

The difference is not night and day, just the way the straight line gap between the two isn't either.

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