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Originally Posted by Cyberdemon View Post
It's impossible to tell what you actually posted to try and post fix it advice.

Paint is pretty straight forward stuff. You have a layer of clear, and a layer of paint. Depending on how far it's gone through will depend on your fix.

You can try to just polish/buff it out, or try to wet sand it (which I would recommend having a body shop doing, don't try to do it yourself), if it's through the paint you'd need touch up paint.

FWIW it's worth trying to find a trusted detail shop or body shop, or just leave it depending on how bad it is. Scratches will happen and you can often do more damage yourself or having some goon with an orbital try to fix it. I saw a sapphire metallic black E92 that was for sale and the paint had been ravaged by some teenager in the detail shop, you could see waves throughout the paint where he hadn't put even pressure. Looked far worse than it probably did to begin with.

Thanks for your advises. It is not a good idea to do it by myself. I think I will go ask BMW first then try other body shops if the price is not accpectable at BMW.
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