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Originally Posted by Sharp_Cai
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It was keyed across 3 panels. One scratch down the entire left side. The bulk of the cost was the labor involved in painting half a car at the ~$70/mo labor rate.

It was a purchased car that I intended on reselling, so I wanted the repair job to be top notch and as close to new as possible.
It sounds like the scratch my mom's car has. I was thinking to sand it off and repolish it since its just a tiny area. Do you think it will work?
Is the paint metallic? If not, you stand more of a chance. The body shop will be able to go through the various options with you, but in my case I wanted the car to look like new, and the scratch went all the way down to metal, and they told me they wouldn't feel proud to put their name on any lesser fix. At that point I just filed a comprehensive insurance claim to get my car fixed like new and put it behind me.