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Originally Posted by shivaswrath
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My AVERAGE car ownership experience is 9 years. Unless the car is utter crap that is my intent here as well. One of the problems with these warranties is that you don't know what dealer cost is so you don't know where the room to manuever is. That's the intent of the thread - if we can all see who paid what for what, then we get an idea what the price elasticity is.

Thanks for reading!
WOW, 9 years?!?!

Longest I've gone was 8 (Ford).
Shortest was Acura TSX (2 years; traded in for the F30).
Had the Evo VIII for 5 years, and was my biggest regret when trading in for the Acura...

I'm hoping the F30 will last 8 years, I'd like to get the updated 3-series after the first year has been sorted out....
I currently have a 09 TSX, and thinking to upgrade to 328i xdrive. The tsx serves us really well so far, so I am a little bit hesitate to upgrade to BMW. How do you like your f30 compared to your traded TSX? Why did you regret on the trade-in of the TSX? Thanks.