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Originally Posted by DerekS View Post
Congrats on your new M Sport ! It's the perfect colour combo !!!

I have been driving my Glacier silver M Sport for just over a month now. Each time I park it somewhere, as I walk away, I find I have to look back to admire my car. GS is stunning in all kinds of light, revealing the lines of the car to their best advantage.

Enjoy your new ride !
LOVE that you have the M-Sport brakes. I wish the colored calipers are not in the US without the brake upgrade.

This was an on-lot car, the ordered vehicle I had coming (stuck in South Africa) was with full cameras (Driver's Assist), the variable steering, and adaptive suspension. So far I'm not missing (I think) the adaptive suspension as much as I thought with the 19" wheels - ie its a smooth ride, although pretty transparent. I am not super proud to admit but I think the one thing I keep wishing this model had on it was the full cameras - with these wheels and the non-stop parallel parking I do, I have to really be careful not to curb them. The thin rubber will NOT be forgiving at all I am sure. But still super happy to find the 19" wheels on-lot. Overall very happy.

I'd love to see the interior and the brakes as well - do you have pics up??