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Originally Posted by akamomo;13234405 I am not super proud to admit but I think the one thing I keep wishing this model had on it was the full cameras - with these wheels and the non-stop parallel parking I do, I have to really be careful not to curb them.
I'd love to see the interior and the brakes as well - do you have pics up??[/QUOTE

When reverse is engaged, your right mirror should turn down (providing your mirror adjust switch is in the Left position), giving you a view of the curb.
I find that this feature combined with the back-up mirror works well for parking.

So far, I haven't taken any pics - waiting for some sun here in cloudy, cool Vancouver.

Another bonus for Glacier silver is its relative rarity. Compared to Titanium silver, GS is creamier, perhaps a tad darker. In late afternoon light, GS looks especially rich.

Yes, the blue Brembo callipers look very good on the larger rotors, filling my car's 18" wheels nicely. It is inexplicable that this factory option ($350) is not available to the US market.
TOTALLY! (Re painted calipers unavailable!) Would love that camera regardless of mirror tilt down. We'll see, just chilling with the parking...