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335xi M sport suspension options

I recently took delivery of my 2013 335xi without the dynamic handling option. Come to read find out after fact that all awd come with softer suspension and not lowered the xtra 10mm as the Rwd counterparts. No biggie. But driving it it feels very powerful but handling even in sport mode seems softer than I would expect from this car. And I have owned many BMW's and M cars. So I saw that HR has a suspension set up with either just springs or coil over spring set up. And now BMW offers their own M performance set up as well in the recent update. What I would like to know is has anyone done either setup and are they only for the Rwd cars or as well for the xi awd cars? Also is the ride harsher. Bumpier. Does the car bottom out at all now?? I am not looking to track the car at all but like driving aggressively and like a tight handling slightly firmer setup. But not bone jarring. Also how much does it lower the front, rear suspension?

Also if I change the suspension to either one will it effect the sport sport plus Eco button in the car in a non dynamic handling option car?

Thanks guys. Happy New Years.