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I don't get it when you go to dealerships and ask to see their stock that they put together, which they consider in their grand wisdom are builds that people like and they can sell easily. It's always very minimum spec with stuff like Sunroof, rear view camera ... but then again, you have to take a step back and put yourself in the mind's of an average Joe or Jane, they don't know what most of the options even mean, let alone care. They would be happy to drive away in a BMW just for the status it brings them.

Much like a friend of mine, didn't know how many cylinders were in his 320i.

I think alot of ppl buy a BMW just for the brand.. many will be happy owning a 320 318 520 (aka base models) just throw in a sunroof and probably rear sensors. I think the selling approach needs to change.. (it is not the ultimate driving machine if you dont get the crucial options) .. It may be the only way to keep prices competitive.. If i wanted a 8 sec car that is reliable and has good fuel consuption.. any other car will meet that criteria.. (Accord Euro, Passats, etc).