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Originally Posted by Koer View Post
Geesh.. I kind of feel like a spoiled brat compared to you guys.. First car was a 2001 Bimmer 760li (imagine a 16 year old with a 7 series) lovely car.. big as a limousine but drove like a sports coupe! then a ford expedition 2006 which i still use sometimes, then when i turned 19 i bought my 335 f30
That's impressive a 19 year old can buy a new 335, I know I sure couldn't when I was 19 working minimum wage jobs while paying my own way through college. Kudos to you. What do you do, if you don't mind me asking?

Back on topic, my first car (which I bought myself after saving for what seemed like forever working as a field surveyor in the south Louisiana heat) was a:

1987 Honda Accord (I think I win for worst first car right!?)