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Originally Posted by GET A GUN View Post
I know the car model is new.
What can I do to get some power out of this thing? 100 hp plus.
Tuning? Exhaust? Intakes?
What coming and what's out?
Thanks for the help.
There are a few tunes out there that will give you 50hp/60tq (ish) out of the box. Cobb just released one (I think it works with the F30) that will put that out. The JB4 piggy back will do about the same and allow a bit of tweaking if you like. I think you may have to wait for them to finish stage 2 for the F30 to get the gains you're talking about. Although, with a down pipe and stage 1, you'll be getting really close (Somewhere around 350hp/400tq to the wheels).

I'm no expert and am still looking into this myself, but that's what I've gathered in my research thusfar. I'm leaning toward a JB4 myself, but Cobb seems pretty good if you want a flash over a piggy back.