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Originally Posted by ZMM_OMG View Post
Not quite... I had a '78 Accord hatchback that I bought from my neighbor for $700 in 1986. At some point in its history, somebody had used it as the trailer car behind their RV and driven it through plenty of snowy winters. The car was rusted within an inch of its life and then somebody else had the audacity to give it an authentic Earl Scheib paint job... in turquoise . Oh, did I mention they painted OVER the rust?

Cosmetic issues aside, the car was indestructible. After a minor tuneup, it ran like a champ and because Honda's CVCC system ran so clean, it had no cat and ran on LEADED gasoline! It used to cost only $7 to fill the tank.
You win!

I bought mine in 1998, so it was about 11 years old at the time. It was in pretty good shape though and had a sunroof (boy was I cool with a sun roof!) even though it leaked when it rained really hard and collected water than spilled out when you hit the brakes...