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TsunamiFury....I got to the panel and even had a mirror in there to better see what I was doing but what I dont get is why the low beam bulb is so hard to get out.

The high beam, which appears to be installed exactly the same, simply pulls straight out with very little effort from under the hood.. When i try that on the low beam via that panel you mention, it wont budge, even if I push on the tabs, try turning it slightly, etc no luck at all. I feel like I might break it if I pull any harder. Do you recall what you did to finally get it to release?

I saw where one guy removed the front wheels/tires to see it straight on but I can tell that wont help me. I just turned the wheels out on the side I was working on. I have enough leverage but it just wont budge. and you are 100% correct, the edges around that panel gouged up my hand pretty good.

As much as I am very fond of BMW, this is amazing how they made changing simple bulbs such as huge task. Come on!!

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There is a panel in the wheel well that pulls away and a screw away cap. Its a REAL pain.