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Originally Posted by roundel335 View Post
No, it does NOT void your warranty. That's a ridiculous assumption - and would certainly not explain how I have had Dinan on both new and CPO cars and never had any issues with warranty, including the extended CPO warranty that goes beyond the 4/50 factory warranty. You pay more for Dinan equipment and software because they stand behind their products with a parallel warranty. Parallel, as in "in addition to", not replacement. So let's set the record straight here - Dinan DOES NOT VOID YOUR WARRANTY!
So let's set the record straight here - YOU'RE WRONG.

Yes, BMW does void your warranty if you have a Dinan tune depending on the dealer. Some dealers still work with Dinan, others don't. AZ dealers will not warranty any engine/tranny/fuel pump/etc. failures if the car has a Dinan tune. I've had this discussion with them and have possessed Dinan tunes Arizona. They won't CPO cars either.

What happened with you and Dinan in the past is no longer valid; BMW and Dinan have fallen out of bed, in part due to BMW coming out with their own performance line.