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Second Guessing Order

So I have an ordered 328i that is on the Primrose Ace (due in Baltimore 1/9)...and am planning on taking delivery in a few weeks. I am starting to second guess my options. I found a car 300 miles away...

1) I put $1000 down when I ordered my car, would my dealer give that back or put towards this other car?

2) Should my dealer be willing to look at trading for this car? If not I will just keep my ordered car, but if I can get this I might take it.

3) It's a 2012, about $4000 more expensive, but do you think I could get it for around the same lease payment since it's a year older?

Wanted to see what you guys thought...
Ordered: 2013 328i Sportline, AW w/ Black, Lighting Package, HK, PDC, Rearview Camera