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Originally Posted by mdsbuc View Post
You've stated perfectly just what I think of the interior trim choices. It was a tough decision when we placed the order. Should we go sporty on the outside and sporty on inside, or should we go sporty/elegant? We chose the latter, with an aggressive look "out there," and a more pampered feel within. We've got a long wait though. Our European Delivery is not until April 23rd. It takes forums like this and photos like yours to hold me over until pick-up.

APRIL 23RD???? Why so long??? I could NEVER wait that long. I ordered a car Oct 16th which was an SA build and after 30 days I realized the car wasn't going to come until February at which point I started contacting dealers and found one in LA and bought it Dec 6th. After a month I was like...EFF THIS. Maybe you can wait better than me.

Once you do the ED you'll have to wait again until your car gets shipped back to the US. If I were you, I'd forget about the 7% ED discount and just go find a car that you can be driving in the next couple of weeks unless you have some specific build. Good luck.