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Originally Posted by jagracer1986 View Post
So I have an ordered 328i that is on the Primrose Ace (due in Baltimore 1/9)...and am planning on taking delivery in a few weeks. I am starting to second guess my options. I found a car 300 miles away...

1) I put $1000 down when I ordered my car, would my dealer give that back or put towards this other car?

2) Should my dealer be willing to look at trading for this car? If not I will just keep my ordered car, but if I can get this I might take it.

3) It's a 2012, about $4000 more expensive, but do you think I could get it for around the same lease payment since it's a year older?

Wanted to see what you guys thought...
1. The $1000 downpayment/hold should be refundable regardless of what you do w/ the ordered vehicle.

2. You can certainly ask about trading it but do you have any of the lease rates on lock already? Its 1/2/13 and I believe some of the rates have changed.

3. I don't see why you can't get a good deal on the car since its 2012 but thats up to your dealer since they have to trade for it.

You can also look into just going down to that dealer and seeing how much they're willing to let it go for. I know its 300 miles away so its definitely not an easy drive. Anyhow, good luck.
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