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Originally Posted by shawnsheridan View Post
I think based on the fact that 48.2 was released in November, and there is nothing newer that I am aware of, a December built car should have 48.2 on it:

ISTA/P 2.48.0 F010-12-11-501
ISTA/P 2.48.1 F010-12-11-502
ISTA/P 2.48.2 F010-12-11-503

When you get your car, you can read your I-Step (Integration Level), and you will see something like F010-12-11-503, which can be cross referenced to the ISTA/P version.

However, sometimes its not so easy to pinpoint the exact ISTA/P version, because the I-Step can be the same for multiple version of ISTA/P. As an example:

ISTA/P 2.47.5 F010-12-07-533
ISTA/P 2.47.6 F010-12-07-533
ISTA/P 2.47.7 F010-12-07-533

So your car has I-Step F010-12-07-533, but was it programmed with 47.5, 47.6, or 47.7? You can't know for sure without actually seeing the ISTA/P Measures Plan report.

I used F10 I-Steps here, but for all 6 listed, the F30 I-Step matched the F10, albeit beginning with F020 instead of F010.
Cool, thanks. I'm not due to receive my car until early Feb so I will see what it has then, in the meantime I will continue reading and learning on here.
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