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Reversing Sensors.... Useless - Be Warned!

Is anyone else less than satisfied with their reversing sensors..?

When i first got the car i was frustrated by the sensors not disabling when taking the car out of reverse (as it used to be on my E91). You now have to press a button (next to the driving mode selector) to disable them, but you only have that button if you have front sensors too. Seems like a poor design compromise to me - but i lived with it.

Now things have stepped up a gear.. I've noticed over the last 4000 miles or so that the sensors are slow to respond. I have now realised that they are not to be trusted!!

This is what happens after slowly backing up to a wooden post (the post was solid oak and about 6" square, sticking out of the ground about 1 1/2ft). I KNEW the post was there and was going backwards very slowly. I could not see it as it was behind the car and too low. Luckily i was going slowly otherwise i could have caused more damage than i did.

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Look where the sensor is!!! It did not make a single beep - and yes i was in reverse with the graphic up on the in car display... I was watching it!

I have pushed out the dent until it gets repaired so it does not look too bad.

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I went back to the scene of the crime... The sensors were not beeping when i was in this position relative to the post (OK so i know it is not in reverse, i had to take it out of reverse to get out the car to take the picture). I'm not in the exact same position as i was when i hit the post and when i was trying to get into position i found that the sensors would beep sometimes and not others.

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Please be warned when relying on the sensors to see small things... i.e. anything other than a wall or a car!
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