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Removed country controller (Hong Kong) from the VO. Office is now working, album art surprisingly activated on my non-nav. However, Chinese characters (songs or messages) no longer showing in the English interface. Went to settings, noticed my other default languages (Trad. and Simp. Chinese) are still there. Changed the menu language to Trad. Chinese and all songs and messages are displayed properly. Question is how can I see Chinese characters again if I use English as language?

lucky you! my car has to be left alone for half a day before the bluetooth option for Office & "Show Pictures" decided to show up.

Tried with both iPhone 4S and Blackberry Bold 9900, though i could view email & sms from both phone, these messages only comes from the primary phone (I typically use iPhone as the main phone & BB as additional phone).

Gut feels BB works better with Office, at the email address etc are laid out properly, whereas IOS always show unknown sender, with the sender name follows...

I don't know if it's normal, when we receive new message (text/email), there isn't any notification or gong or whatsoever, the message just sit in the message box, and have to manually trigger it to read.

And it only playback the message, does not support replies

While VO coding, I piggy back it with 6AL (BMW Live) and 6UH (Traffic Info). BMW Live works flawlessly, but the traffic doesn't seem so (when I check the FDL code, the option to make it work in Singapore was still not active - no biggy, just turn em on manually again)