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Originally Posted by Bmwphile View Post
This may be true, but I think the cachet of the BMW logo plays a part in all our decisions to part with our hard earned. In other words, if your F30 had a VW badge or say a Skoda badge, would you still buy it even if was $10K or even $15K less? I probably wouldn't.
Hmmmm... IF VW or Skoda did design something as sexy and masculine as the F30, then yes I might seriously consider it. Yes there's the branding and marketing hype around the product and the company that builds it, but if they built something which wasn't to my taste (yes there are BMW models which I would never touch) then I would not buy it and certainly not for this sort of money. But alas, they make beautiful cars and design it such that when you are in that hot seat, it's ALL about you.

I've had 5 cars so far, Nissan, Mazda, BMW, Ford and BMW. Brand loyalty hasn't being at the forefront until now.

Recently another mate of mine bought himself a X3 320d M Sport. I asked him why and he said it's because in his profession (IT) everybody drives a BMW, esp X3 so he bought one to blend in. When I asked him if he had Bi-xenon lights as options, he wasn't sure.

Thing is, it's such a waste isn't it? When you spend something like $70k to $100k, that's someone yearly wage on a car, wouldn't you get more out of it other than status, luxury etc to really get to know your car.

watching the F30 build videos on YouTube?
You what?