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It gets more annoyingly silly by the minute. This is how it went:

Saw the Service Manager. Nice enough chap and very pleasant. He looked at the seat. He felt it was normal. He showed me pictures of stretched seats from BMW's Warranty Manual. In his opinion he would not touch it. It seems that it's not a Warranty item ..... yet! It's not a defect. It's leather and it stretches every which way. BMWCS have agreed to get the leather trimmer to try and re-stretch the seat. They agreed to this because I bought two cars and want to keep me happy or words to that effect!!!! They won't be re-stitching it. If they did do the latter and it went wrong, he says, then BMW might not agree to consider this a warranty issue and would not touch it as re-stitching it would negate the warranty. He then said that if I was still not happy with the result, I should take it back to the supplying dealer. Berrys would not be willing to proceed further with this. I asked him whether he would like to sell a brand new car with a seat defect like mine? He wriggled out of giving me an answer. I suggested to him to give me the seat base of the car in the showroom. He tried to tell me it was a different leather. I proved to him it was not. I felt he tried every argument for me not to continue with my request. He tried to tell be that all the other seats in my car were slightly baggy. They are but acceptable. It was now getting a bit ridiculous. I stood firm. He's got the car and I want it sorted. He said he'd try and do his best to keep me happy. I also showed him the letter I intend to send to Tim Abbott, MD BMW UK. He suggested I could send it as it would do no harm.

I also showed him the darker shade of the bumper. He said that's pretty standard due to plastic vs metal paint covering. So no joy there either.

I rang the supplying dealer whilst I was there. I spoke to their very helpful Sales Manager (who's got full authority from their MD) who said that I should let Berrys try and sort it through the Leather Trimmer as that's how they would also tackle the problem initially. If I was still unhappy then they would take up the mantle for me. He assured me that they would do right by me.

So now I feel that I am stuck between the devil and the deep blue sea. I think a letter to Tim Abbott might be the order of the day. First, I'll see what happens with Berry.
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