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Just to reiterate, I'm posting with the original poster in mind who is from Arizona and has to deal with the same stuff I've already gone through.

Originally Posted by roundel335 View Post
Just because Arizona dealers don't work with Dinan doesn't mean that your warranty is voided by BMW - so YOU are WRONG as far as that goes. It's a dealer policy, not a BMW policy. If you feel that it's better to lie to your dealer about having a non-Dinan tune, that's your business, but here in Texas nearly all the dealers are Dinan dealers as well, and the ones that aren't won't refuse warranty work if you have Dinan. So your narrow perspective really doesn't have any validitiy outside your situation.
The original poster and I both live in Arizona so what happens to you in Texas is moot. So my narrow perspective completely applies to the person who started this thread asking the question. You're giving him information that does not apply in Arizona.

Dealers in AZ flat out told me if my warranty is voided from something they deemed to be Dinan related my car would be flagged in BMW's system (not just one dealer), and it would show up in BMW's ENTIRE system, thus able to be seen by all dealerships that my warranty had been voided.

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Secondly, yes, you do have to re-flash your Dinan software after you get an ECU update, same as you would using someone else's flash tune. The two times this has happened to my present car, my dealership knows it has Dinan and they re-flash it for free during the same visit. This does NOT occur multiple times a year - so far, it's twice in 5 years for me. So again, your arguments aren't just aren't valid outside your own circumstances.
Getting a Dinan reflash isn't the same as anyone else's tune.

1. BMW dealers in AZ don't have Dinan software, won't give it to you, thus forcing you to drive to one of only two location in Phoenix to get a Dinan reflash, where you have to drop your car off for usually half a day. BMW provides loaners so you can go about your way for the day and pick up at your convenience, Dinan dealers do not, so you have to sit in their lobby for a long time, or have to inconvenience someone to follow you there and drop you back off. We as individuals can't do our own Dinan updates.

2. With the E9x 335i you could get a handheld tuner tool that would allow you to remove the tune if you so desire before going into a bmw dealer, but more importantly reinstall it after a BMW dealer reflashes/updates in just 30 minutes in the comfort of your own home without having to deal with the hassle of driving to get a reflash at a Dinan location. Much less hassle, period.

3. I should have been a bit more clear, the Dinan program gets erased during software updates OR if the dealership decides to reflash your software due to other problems they're trying to fix maintenance/repair problems. My car got a few updates due to BMW trying to resolve the high pressure fuel pump issues alone, and reflashed my computer (not update) while trying to troubleshoot or resolve other issues. This led to me literally having to get my Dinan software redone about 4 times a year. It may be more for others, less for some, but this was my experience for 2.5 years of ownership.

Originally Posted by roundel335 View Post
Sorry your dealerships in AZ are such hardasses, but it's their loss, and apparently yours as well. You get caught with a non-Dinan (or non-BMW PPK) tune and you REALLY get your warranty voided, no matter where you take the car. Choice is yours, but let's not spread inaccurate information.
You're the one who made the false blanket statement of "Dinan doesn't void your warranty," period, when in fact, in AZ it will if it results in a problem.

My point is if you're going to take the risk of having a tune which is equal across all tunes in Arizona where the original poster is from, don't waste your money on Dinan.