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Originally Posted by Hagen View Post
My CA just emailed me. His system shows an estimated dock date of 1/9. That is actually one day early but either way it must mean I am on the Turandot.

FYI BMW's website still shows me at end of production and the phone number says I am at a port waiting for a shipping vessel. The WW site comes up with no records found - so you may need your CA to confirm.

At least I have been stalking the right boat! Can't wait. Should have my car in 2 weeks or so.

This has been my experience exactly. My production ended 12/20, and now CA confirmed my car is on Turandot with an estimated arrival dock date at port of New Jersey 1/9.

What's cool is that her car is on the very same boat! You know she'll have up-to-the-minute updates on the Turandot!

Keep us posted.

Originally Posted by chrisny View Post

Same on all counts. CA confirmed I'm on Turandot and said the same thing, 1/9. ETA on the marine traffic website says 5 am on 1/10, so maybe it's German time not local, which would be 1/9 for us... Either way, should be crossing the Atlantic soon!!!

Edit: my car is finally showing up on the 2wglobal website using my VIN.

Very exciting! The anticipation is killing me!
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