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Originally Posted by vaxpilot View Post
One long month before I get my f30, but here's what I'm planning:

1) call home
2) call home, turn on specified lights, favorite music on in kitchen, alarm off, heat up 2 degrees ( all via home automation controller)
3) call work
4) call work, turn on lights, alarm off, log time in, heat on.
5) local police scanner on (via apps and web radio).
6) airport radio - best and most up to date weather (via apps and web radio)
6) weatherband on ( after coding of course)
7) car ventilation
8). Looking for help on this one, does the system have a record a message feature ? You could perhaps record that friendly policeman when he pulls you over.

You can almost double the number of presets from 8 to 14. Here is how:

1. Create a guest profile through settings.
2. Program one button as a shortcut to the guest profile.
3. Program 7 shortcuts in the guest profile, and one shortcut back to the main profile.
4. Switch between the two profiles, and you have 7 shortcuts on each, 14 total.