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Originally Posted by Yobyot
Originally Posted by NN5` View Post
Its really pretty in EB.

I'm so sorry for betraying how American I am, but a freakin' diesel station wagon? In M sport trim?

C'mon, this is a car for guys who are, ahem, managed by females and who think all that M sport trim can wash away the fact that a diesel dies at 5000 rpm.
Speak for yourself about being whipped. I chose diesel because of the kick at 1500-2500 rpm -- where one does most of one's driving. I mean, who drives around with the tach needle north of 5K? '90s Hondas, sure, and they'd still go 200K+ miles and get great fuel economy. But no one makes cars like that anymore (not even Honda). I have 335d and blow people away on the street all the time. While you're waiting for your tach to hit 5K, I'm gone lol. Plus I'll pass you by while you're stopped at the gas pumps. Americans are ill-informed about diesels -- and keeping the oil sheikhs rich in the process. Wake up and smell the (clean) diesel.

Oh, and btw, as to my female "manager" (wife): drives a bomb-ass Z4 (turbo N54) that has fat rims and is quicker (and way more fuel efficient) than the 2008 M3 (V-8) that I traded in for my 335d. Ya, I know, really "un-American" of me lol.