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Originally Posted by M.Suka View Post
Install was about a 10 minute process, first make sure the edge of your trunk is clean and probably is best to wash your car before hand this way the 3M tape can adhere for a day or two before your next wash.

First step I took was cleaning (trunk and spoiler base with alcohol pad) and then testing fit and location, then its a matter of applying the double side tape to the spoiler first and don't worry they supply enough double sided tape to install 2 spoilers (I still had almost have a roll left), when installing tape on spoiler I used my thumbs to force down tape also scissors are critical if you want the job done right, especially on the outside edge of the spoiler I made the cut to kind of flow with the shape of the spoiler at the base on that part.

Then the most tricky part was attaching it to the trunk because you want to make sure both sides of the edge of the spoiler have an even distance from the other edge of the trunk, just a rough estimate there was about a quarter of an inch spacing on both sides.

The process I took was to remove the red plastic from the tape and carefully place it on the trunk itself and then going from left to right and then forward and back until it sits flush and level with the trunk , it will be very tacky just don't force it down until you know you got the spot you want.

Then you will need to apply a bit of force on the spoiler and start pushing down on it but there is no need to push down like your giving CPR (you don't want to put a dent in your trunk) just apply force evenly and hold your hands in place for about 5 seconds at a time moving slowly across the top of the spoiler.

Next step stand back and admire the look of you new car.

What more can I say.......