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Originally Posted by DerekS View Post
I have 18" Pirelli 240 Sottozero snows on my car. So far, I have only driven my 335i M Sport in one snow storm, with wet snow and very icy roads. Had no traction problems whatsoever, going up steep hills or braking going downhill. For extra traction, I place one of my summer wheels in the trunk and turn off the DHC.

By the way, I have driven RWD BMWs since 1984; I have never been stuck in snow, providing my car was equipped with proper snow tires. The key to success seems to be a little extra weight in the trunk and appropriate use of the throttle and brake.

For reference purposes, the 18" Pirelli 240 Sottozero II snows are the BMW Canada (and BMW NA) recommended winter tires for the F30. It would be safe to say that these tires have been throughly tested by BMW before receiving their seal of approval.
Was that the mother of all "snow storms" in Vancouver 2 weeks ago when we got about 2" of snow that was gone in 2 days. As I said before, winter tires are largely a waste in warm and wet Vancouver........ You complain about the "handling" of the xdrive and then throw 100 pounds of weight in your trunk when it snows and drive around for 4 months of the year with winter tires when the weather is raining and very rarely goes below freezing and is often above 10 degrees celsius